Is plant-based meat the future?

If the human population of mother Earth continues to grow at the current rate, we are projected to have about 10 billion people on Earth by 2056. Overpopulation means there will be more and more mouths to feed.

With the current food production methods, it will be absolutely impossible to provide food for everybody. Furthermore, this projected number also goes beyond the carrying capacity of the planet unless humanity takes immediate actions.

Food shortage is already a major problem in some countries today. Several possible alternatives have already emerged in the fight against malnutrition and hunger.

Sustainable solutions to food shortages due to overpopulation must be sought!

Researchers at Oxford University stated that one of the key steps in saving the Earth and humanity would be to embrace a diet that contains more plant-based foods than meat.

With this diet change, we could reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by agricultural production and animal husbandry by more than 50%. Besides, feeding all the people in the world could become simpler.

Just think about it: how many plants does a cattle consume during its years of living? When we eat a kilogram of meat, we should consider the number of plants used to feed the animals. Furthermore there is water, electricity and the land we use for the whole process, which all contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions that destroy the atmosphere. However, if we take our main consumed food type, animal, out of the picture and replace it with vegetables, we will be doing much better for both our health and the sustainability of planet Earth.

According to experts, agricultural production needs to be transformed radically.

Have you heard of plant-based meat products?

Many believe that plant-based meat products have been developed specifically for vegetarians and vegans, so most people do not even think of trying them. However, plant-based meat products should be an option for anyone who cares about sustainability, a healthy lifestyle, or someone who just simply wants to diversify their heavily meat-based diet.

You don’t have to say goodbye to the taste of meat!

The main reason people refuse to try plant-based meat is that they are afraid of its taste not replicating the original taste of meat.

Market research have shown that our latest meatless products, ranging from sausages to hamburgers, replicate meat in taste, shape and texture.

With ingredients such as beans, peas, soy protein and mushrooms, we can make non-animal foods taste meaty.

This way you can have your favourite meal guilt-free!
Be bold and try our plant-based products!